Uber Clone Script

Uber is the luxurious and smart option to drive anywhere. Within few taps, your cab will arrive and drive safely to anywhere. Uber offers you the safe cab service with you can easily pay through either card or cash. All you need is to set your location and choose the ride on the website. The details about the driver and picture would be displaced and it is convenient to track the arrival of car on the map. Uber helps you to safely arrive in your destination with luxury and save more money. Safety of the passenger is most important for the management and you can choose any vehicle for your journey.

  • Taxi Pickr - Uber Clone Script

    Taxi Pickr - Uber Clone Script

    Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 394 views
    A taxi booking application like that of successful Uber can be launched very easily by you, with all latest technologies and features incorporated. The taxi booking script which is a clone script of Uber will create you an app for iOS and Android users. With i...
  • Arcane Hiring Script

    Arcane Hiring Script

    Cogzidel | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 97 views
    If you like to begin your business in superior hiring services, you can use the right and most outstanding resource like Arcane. It is an exclusive tool that helps you to create an awesome platform that aids you connects individuals willing to effective share,...
  • Zoplay Uper Script

    Zoplay Uper Script

    Zoplay | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 88 views
    Driver could easily check about the stats of the ride as well as payment stats with the Graphical representation through the use of Uber clone script. Zoplay portfolio represents for the product clones with developing the most advanced scripts. The Uber clone...
  • Taxi Dispatch Software

    Taxi Dispatch Software

    dectar | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 127 views
    Taxi Dispatch Software is one of the most awesome and superior that helps both the users and driver to obtain profitable benefits. If you wish to know the special features of this tool, you can hire the dectar.com. The specially developed and excellent platfo...
  • Taxi Business Solution

    Taxi Business Solution

    tagmytaxi | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 127 views
    Tagmytaxi uses the most advanced script for the Cloud based Solution so that it is convenient for having more extra requirements or hardware. Real time vehicle position or GPS could be easily updated with the use of Tagmytaxi clone script so that it would be u...
  • Taxi Booking or Ride Sharing Script

    Taxi Booking or Ride Sharing Script

    spaceotechnologies | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 245 views
    Lyft or Uber is an exclusive taxi service tool or app that has developed for the potential users of every cab service. If you want to create the app like Lyft and Uber, you can utilize the clones offered by spaceotechnologies.com. The unique medium allows you...
  • Blablacarscript - Taxi Hire Clone

    Blablacarscript - Taxi Hire Clone

    blablacarscript | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 187 views
    Do you like to get your own Uber or Taxi Hire and Service Clone then choosing the most advance service? The Blablacarscript is useful for the successful type of business with the generation of the clone script. Travelling is expensive with the choice of right...
  • Roadyo - Taxi Magic Clone

    Roadyo - Taxi Magic Clone

    appscrip | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 132 views
    There are many tools available for your individual mobile dating startup, but the specially created one brings you some extra facilities. If you like to know about the specialized tool, you can visit the appscrip.com. It is an awesome platform not only bring y...
  • Uber Clone by NCrypted

    Uber Clone by NCrypted

    NCrypted | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 147 views
    NCrypted's Uber Clone is fully customizable taxi booking script allows you to groth-hack your online taxi booking business. Uber Clone script is robost and extremely scalable which can be used for lots of "Uber for X' services such as car wash, laundry, house ...
  • Uber Clone by Mobisoft

    Uber Clone by Mobisoft

    Mobisoft | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 150 views
    Uber clone, an on-demand car service providing company via mobile app, web or text messages which have brought a revolution in the taxi industry all across the world. The service is available in major cities in the US, including San Francisco, Boston, New York...