Paypal Clone Script

Paypal is an ecommerce global business allowing money transfer and payments to be made through the internet. The online money transfer serves as electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like money orders and checks. It operates as auction site which transfer money to online vendors and other commercial users for which it charges a cost. It is world’s largest internet companies which provide online payments. Paypal was founded by the Palo Alto, California in 1998 June. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S.

  • Best PayPal Clone PHP Script

    Best PayPal Clone PHP Script | PHP | Commercial | Paypal | 532 views
    The payment processor PHP clone script permits you to possess and work your own one of a kind sort payment processor (gateway) website and to make a rate of all transactions that happens on your portal. The only thing that you require is the website that is ac...
  • Ajhyip - Paypal Clone Script

    Ajhyip - Paypal Clone Script

    Ajhyip | PHP | Commercial | Paypal | 436 views
    A decent payment processor for transaction management all through a site is as vital as a decent cashier for dealing with transactions for funds in any physically settled business. Paypal is a standout amongst the most noticeable payment processors now accessi...
  • EPay Enterprise - Payment Gateway & Processor Script

    EPay Enterprise - Payment Gateway & Processor Script

    Alstrasoft | PHP | Commercial | Paypal | 322 views
    EPay payment gateway & processor script has been created by AlstraSoft with the developing interest for online payment handling business like Paypal. The most progress and exhaustive rendition of our EPay arrangement and in the business sector right now, our E...