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Other Rajesh Prabhu Java Commercial

Connect all members of your organization through NectarChat, which is a clone of the popular WhatsApp. Members can interact between themselves and share instant updates, without any third-party watching over them. Technoduce offers you an instant chat application that runs on your own server, and maintains the confidentiality of information passed through chat. A WhatsApp clone thatis meant only for you.

Updated Date : 28-Oct-15 | 76 views
  • Inout Web Portal - Yahoo Clone

    Inout Web Portal - Yahoo Clone

    Inoutscripts | PHP | Commercial | Other | 85 views
    Inspired from Yahoo web portal, Inout Web portal is a combination of three or more scripts from InoutScripts. With single login, users of Inout Web portal can access all the services of this portal script. You can combine any of these scripts: Inout Seach Engi...
  • Flippy AffilatePlatform - Affiliate Site Builder Script

    Flippy AffilatePlatform - Affiliate Site Builder Script

    FlippyScripts | PHP | Commercial | Other | 84 views
    Start your own affiliate website just like this is why im broke(dot)com or shutup an dtakemymoney(dot)com with Flippy Flippy AffiliatePlatform. You can easily add affiliate products from any website like Amzon, think geek etc. Start your new project with Flipp...
  • Yahoo Japan Auctions Website Script

    Yahoo Japan Auctions Website Script

    Japan Bidding | PHP | Commercial | Other | 75 views
    If you want to build your own auction website our japanbidding can make 100% Custom Made High Quality Japan Yahoo Auction and Bidding Portal. Using this portal you can invite all other auctioneer to start bidding on your website.
  • CashBack Comparison Script

    CashBack Comparison Script

    CashBackComparisonScript | PHP | Commercial | Other Shopzilla | 404 views
    PHP CashBack Comparison Script is the ideal solution to launch you very own cash back comparison website, come with a powerful engine that can compare hundreds of cashback sites and load thousands of stores with single click. Fully Responsive design, ad manage...
  • Equipment Rental Script

    Equipment Rental Script

    NCrypted Websites | PHP | Commercial | Other | 241 views
    NCrypted have started out to revolutionize the approach you rent Equipment.