• Pricegrabber Clone

    Pricegrabber Clone

    Pricegrabber.com offers the innovative eCommerce business model for making the daily deal website and offers more number of products for sale. The Pricegrabber Clone Script is useful for the business model that will allow the retailer for making the discounted...
  • Questions & Answers Script

    Questions & Answers Script

    There are several ways to create the question & answer responsive online website, but the specially designed tool makes the process more effective simple. If you wish to know about the unique tools, you can visit the scriptfolder.com. The reliable platform o...
  • Checkout Success Page Extension

    Checkout Success Page Extension

    plumrocket | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 53 views
    This checkout success page Magento 2 Extension assists to increase sales and customer retention. It can also produce special coupon codes, present marketing messages and complete order information, enable guests to register account and much more. It is a hig...
  • Photo Gallery & Product Gallery

    Photo Gallery & Product Gallery

    fmeextensions | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 59 views
    With this amazing photo gallery Magento 2 Extension, you can able to display images into a standalone gallery page arranged on product pages and also in albums. You can also have their image galleries to be seen on the selected products. It also allows making ...
  • Media Gallery & Product Videos

    Media Gallery & Product Videos

    fmeextensions | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 59 views
    This Magento 2 Extension will show your customer high quality images and videos on your website using media gallery extension. You can able to include video to category and product pages, can show them image on a separate galley page and employ media block to ...
  • Price List Export

    Price List Export

    belvg.com | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 52 views
    With this Magento 2.0 Extension called price list extension, customers are facilitated to easily download the price lists without any sort of assistance. Using this extension, you will not have to create a price list manually as the extension does them automat...
  • Magestore One Step Checkout

    Magestore One Step Checkout

    magestore | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 59 views
    One Step Checkout Magento 2.0 is an excellent Magento 2 Extension for simplifying the checkout process of customer. This extension better simplifies the customer checkout process using all the checkout steps that are appeared in a single page. Hence, customers...
  • Catalog Ajax Pagination

    Catalog Ajax Pagination

    salesids | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 88 views
    The AJAX powered Magento 2.0 Extension is perfect to increase the conversion rate by the optimization of page load time and by reducing the server load. While a change is performed from catalog toobar like pager, view mode, sort by and numbers of items in a pa...
  • Store Locator

    Store Locator

    magearray | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 62 views
    Magearray offers store locator for Magento 2 Extension that enables you to integrate the address of physical retail stores to the website within a few clicks. With this feature, you can create several store locations and display them on the separate page and s...
  • Customer Approve & Disapprove Extension

    Customer Approve & Disapprove Extension

    extensionhut | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 94 views
    ExtensionHut provides Magento 2 Extension that extends the functionality of the customer registration without affecting the registration process. It also offers an ideal option to manually or automatically approve customers registering to the store. The regi...