• Store Locator

    Store Locator

    magearray | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 62 views
    Magearray offers store locator for Magento 2 Extension that enables you to integrate the address of physical retail stores to the website within a few clicks. With this feature, you can create several store locations and display them on the separate page and s...
  • Customer Approve & Disapprove Extension

    Customer Approve & Disapprove Extension

    extensionhut | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 95 views
    ExtensionHut provides Magento 2 Extension that extends the functionality of the customer registration without affecting the registration process. It also offers an ideal option to manually or automatically approve customers registering to the store. The regi...
  • Gift Card for Magento 2

    Gift Card for Magento 2

    aheadworks | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 88 views
    Aheadworks offer gift card feature for Magento 2.0 Extension. It is a flexible tool that can be used for crafting the gift card matching your specific business model and mindset. The virtual or physical gift cards can be added to the catalogue and documentatio...
  • Custom View Extension

    Custom View Extension

    magebright | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 43 views
    Since its inception in the year 2013, Mage Bright has developed into an expert company to deliver ecommerce solutions using Magento. The company also has a team of professionals who are capable of delivering open source ecommerce platform through Magento 2 Ext...
  • SLI Learning Search Connect

    SLI Learning Search Connect

    sli-systems | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 29 views
    SLI Learning Search Connect provides Magento 2 Extension to ensure brilliant level of customizability with pre-determined settings suitable for the most stores. Learning Search Connect guarantees that the integrated use of SLI and magento is flawless and is ea...
  • Magento ECG Reviewed Code

    Magento ECG Reviewed Code

    celebros | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 45 views
    Celebros Inc., the pioneer in e-commerce site search, merchandises and converts technologies from the online retailters. The company has come up with Conversion Pro V8 for Magento 2 Extension with 9 powerful features. The users can take advantage of guided n...
  • Share on WhatsApp Magento2

    Share on WhatsApp Magento2

    shreejiinfosys | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 72 views
    People click on the WhatsApp button on their Smartphone other than the Twitter or Facebook. Sharing information instantly is possible with the use of WhatsApp so that it is convenient for the users to allow sharing more number of products in the extensive mann...
  • Social & WhatsApp Sharing

    Social & WhatsApp Sharing

    magerips | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 64 views
    If you wish to promote and share your interesting store goods on highly renowned social messenger Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter and pin it, you can choose the best and effective tool. The magerips.com is a reliable platform that comes with an outstanding...
  • Multiple Coupons for Magento 2

    Multiple Coupons for Magento 2

    amasty | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 86 views
    Discount coupon always wins the favor of the customer’s loyalty so that it will make more business transactions. Generating the discount coupon through the use of Multiple Coupons for Magento 2 is highly possible and excellent option. It also allows the gue...
  • Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

    Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

    The Magento 2.0 Shopclues Extensions is helpful for converting the store into the complete set of online marketplace shop. With Magento 2.0 Marketplace Module, each vendor could manage their own inventory along with the Seller Collection page, Seller Profile p...