• Real Estate Property Management Script

    Real Estate Property Management Script

    Are you looking for the best real estate website? Zillow is an excellent choice for your individual requirements. It is one of the most outstanding and popular free property search platform that covers apartments, school data, home improvement, real estate, mo...
  • Newsletter Popup

    Newsletter Popup

    magento4you | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 81 views
    The newsletter popup is the features which will be prove beneficial for your business website. Newsletter popup easily noticed by the customer. This popup is generally useful for giving the notification of sign up or register with the email or website. These p...
  • Lazy Image Loader Extension

    Lazy Image Loader Extension

    bsscommerce | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 51 views
    Lazy image loader for magento 2 makes your websites to load fastly so that it will be able to collect more number of visitors. Whenever any visitor opens your website then it will get load in few milliseconds because of the lazy image loader tool. This lazy im...
  • Magento 2 RMA Extension

    Magento 2 RMA Extension

    aheadworks | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 49 views
    In the online shopping rma plays an important role. RMA is the return merchandise authorization. It means return the product with refund or replacement. For your ecommerce business rma is the useful tool so that your customers can easily make replacement if re...
  • Hide Price & Call

    Hide Price & Call

    magerips | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 48 views
    Whenever the admin wants to hide the price, add to cart, add to wishlist etc can be get hidden with the help of magerips. Magerips.com provides the facility of hide few of the buttons of website as per the demand of administration. Here everything is manage by...
  • Magento 2 Address Verification

    Magento 2 Address Verification

    mageinferno | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 60 views
    If you are in ecommerce business then address verification tool will be useful for you. In online shopping, one thing which is required is correct address. Here mage inferno is helpful for the verification of addresses. With the help of mageinferno you can ver...
  • Magento 2 Category Banners

    Magento 2 Category Banners

    fmeextensions | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 77 views
    Fmeextension is the helpful website for the marketing of your products. Different types of products require different banners for their promotion hence you can make the use of the magento 2 category banners. You can put image slider on your business website pa...
  • Google Shopping

    Google Shopping

    wyomind | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 44 views
    Wyomind is the place where you can perform google shopping. With the help of Google shopping magento 2 extension, you can export all your data and files to the Google merchant account from magento websites. This export process of your structured data is very q...
  • Magento 2 Follow Up Emails

    Magento 2 Follow Up Emails

    magenest | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 61 views
    To establish strong relationships with the customers, auto response email are very useful. If you want to convince customers for making purchase then you can make the use of follow up mail magento 2 extension for changing their mind. This follow up email servi...
  • Magento 2 Blog

    Magento 2 Blog

    Magearray | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 48 views
    Nowadays blog becomes the good way of marketing. If you put blog articles on your products then definitely it will be beneficial for you. By this blog Magento 2 extension you can increase the market area for your product. If you want that some specific details...