• Prestashop One Page Checkout

    Prestashop One Page Checkout

    Knowband | PHP | Commercial | PrestaShop | 84 views
    It's one of the best checkout option for prestashop developed by knowband and reduce six steps for 1 step process. . It can be used with any theme & any payment method. Other Features: 1. Inbuilt Social login options (Facebook and Google) 2/ Inbuilt Mailchi...
  • Flippy AffilatePlatform - Affiliate Site Builder Script

    Flippy AffilatePlatform - Affiliate Site Builder Script

    FlippyScripts | PHP | Commercial | Other | 93 views
    Start your own affiliate website just like this is why im broke(dot)com or shutup an dtakemymoney(dot)com with Flippy Flippy AffiliatePlatform. You can easily add affiliate products from any website like Amzon, think geek etc. Start your new project with Flipp...
  • Tinder Clone - Zoplay

    Tinder Clone - Zoplay

    zoplay | PHP | Commercial | Tinder | 63 views
    Zoplay.com is one of the most outstanding and effective website portfolios that include lots of specially designed and fine quality tinder clone scripts. The most reliable platform offers all these superior tools at extremely affordable prices. There are diff...
  • Theninehertz - Dating Clone App

    Theninehertz - Dating Clone App

    theninehertz | PHP | Commercial | Tinder | 134 views
    When you are looking for creating the location based dating app then it would be useful for creating the masterpiece app through the Tinder clone script so that it would be quite easier for developing more categories. The ninehertz offers the location based d...
  • Location Based Dating Software

    Location Based Dating Software

    provenlogic | PHP | Commercial | Tinder | 106 views
    With the advancement in the dating websites, many people are preferring to chat and find out their true relationship. Millions of people are making the enormous money having their own dating sites and apps. Dating apps is more powerful that will get you into t...
  • Datum – Mobile Dating App

    Datum – Mobile Dating App

    appscrip | PHP | Commercial | Tinder | 103 views
    There are many tools available for your individual mobile dating startup, but the specially created one brings you some extra facilities. If you like to know about the specialized tool, you can visit the appscrip.com. It is an awesome platform not only bring y...
  • Flamer - Grindr Dating Clone

    Flamer - Grindr Dating Clone

    appdupe | PHP | Commercial | Tinder | 208 views
    When you decide to create an awesome mobile dating app, you can choose the use the best and highly appropriate tool. There are different types of tools available, so you can carefully choose the right one like Tinder, Grindr or Swoon. These are the superior da...
  • TripAdvisor Clone

    TripAdvisor Clone

    Ncrypted | PHP | Commercial | TripAdvisor | 160 views
    If you like to plan your trip in a proper manner, you can choose the best and largest travel website like TripAdvisor. It also offers trusted guides from the real tourists and many travel choices as well as planning features with faultless links in order to bo...
  • Blablacarscript - Taxi Hire Clone

    Blablacarscript - Taxi Hire Clone

    blablacarscript | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 181 views
    Do you like to get your own Uber or Taxi Hire and Service Clone then choosing the most advance service? The Blablacarscript is useful for the successful type of business with the generation of the clone script. Travelling is expensive with the choice of right...
  • Taxi Booking or Ride Sharing Script

    Taxi Booking or Ride Sharing Script

    spaceotechnologies | PHP | Commercial | Uber | 239 views
    Lyft or Uber is an exclusive taxi service tool or app that has developed for the potential users of every cab service. If you want to create the app like Lyft and Uber, you can utilize the clones offered by spaceotechnologies.com. The unique medium allows you...