• Lazy Image Loader Extension

    Lazy Image Loader Extension

    bsscommerce | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 53 views
    Lazy image loader for magento 2 makes your websites to load fastly so that it will be able to collect more number of visitors. Whenever any visitor opens your website then it will get load in few milliseconds because of the lazy image loader tool. This lazy im...
  • Hide Price & Call

    Hide Price & Call

    magerips | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 49 views
    Whenever the admin wants to hide the price, add to cart, add to wishlist etc can be get hidden with the help of magerips. Magerips.com provides the facility of hide few of the buttons of website as per the demand of administration. Here everything is manage by...
  • Google Shopping

    Google Shopping

    wyomind | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 45 views
    Wyomind is the place where you can perform google shopping. With the help of Google shopping magento 2 extension, you can export all your data and files to the Google merchant account from magento websites. This export process of your structured data is very q...
  • Dealer Inquiry

    Dealer Inquiry

    Magebees | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 82 views
    Magebees provides the service of dealer inquiry. If you have your own business or working as a wholesaler then this dealer inquiry form will be more helpful for you. You can keep the dealer inquiry form on your business website from where your customers can ac...
  • Apply Coupon Code

    Apply Coupon Code

    Magephobia | PHP | Commercial | Magento 2 | 60 views
    MagePhobia provides the coupon codes to their customers so that they can make the use of Magento platform at lesser rate. If you want to work with Magento then now it becomes cheaper for you because of the coupon code service of Magento. You can add the items...
  • Getlancer Quote - Agriya

    Getlancer Quote - Agriya

    Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Thumbtack | 122 views
    Marketplace quote is a higly efficient thumtack clone script developed by Agriya. It brings together service providers and customers who seek services. It works in two methods. In the first method, sevice providers list their services and the customers check f...
  • Flippa clone Script - Agriya

    Flippa clone Script - Agriya

    Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Flippa  | 60 views
    Ever aspired to launch a website like Flippa? Then, a tech-driven, modern script is for you to create your website and enter the market. Flippa clone script creates a marketplace that allows your users to buy or sell websites, domain names, etc. Profits as a o...
  •  Skillshare Clone Script - Online Learning Software

    Skillshare Clone Script - Online Learning Software

    Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Udemy | 236 views
    Develop an outstanding online learning community website to match the requirements of the online education forum with the help of the wonderful Skillshare clone script – Skillr. This ready-made web based training software comes with important components like...
  • Udemy Clone - Online Classroom Software

    Udemy Clone - Online Classroom Software

    Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Udemy | 259 views
    Agriya's Teachr - Udemy clone script is crafted precisely to match the ever-growing requirements to create a successful online learning website. This excellent online teaching software has endless features that are useful for both you as the web host and the u...
  • Crowdfunding Script - Agriya

    Crowdfunding Script - Agriya

    Agriya | PHP | Commercial | CrowdFunder | 105 views
    Crowdfunding websites have become lucrative for webmasters. Now, it is easier become a crowdfunding website webmaster, thanks to Crowdfunding script. This script, rich in features, can create you an impeccable website in a short period. Connect fundraisers and...