• Magento 2 One Step Checkout

    Magento 2 One Step Checkout

    Iwdagency | PHP | Free | Magento 2 | 51 views
    With magento 2 one step checkout extensions, you can easily increase the e-commerce revenue and conversion rate. This fully responsive checkout is developed to expedite and simplify the purchasing process. This extension also detects whether the customer has a...
  • Social Authorization Joomla

    Social Authorization Joomla

    Joomline | PHP | Free | Joomla | 21 views
    With Joomla Social Login, you can easily log on to Joomla websites through various social networks such as Ulogin, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Live.com, yandex, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Google, Yahoo and Mail.ru. This comes with an integral social authenticati...
  • MediaXxx - Xvideo Adult Video Script

    MediaXxx - Xvideo Adult Video Script

    mediaxxxscript | PHP | Free | Pornhub XVideos | 746 views
    Many number of people are viewing the Porn, Xvideos  & Adult website for the porn videos and images so that there are numerous types of porn videos are available in the search engines. When you like to have the attractive website, then choosing the highest cl...
  • MageFan Blog

    MageFan Blog

    Magefan | PHP | Free | Magento 2 | 78 views
    Magefan.com provides the installation services for Magento. You can refer it as Magento installation services. One of the best platform for providing good installation services. This is the professional one platform which decreases the launching time. Along wi...
  • Twitter & Facebook Login

    Twitter & Facebook Login

    plumrocket | PHP | Free | Magento 2 | 57 views
    Using the free magento 2 extension, it is convenient to login the Twitter & Facebook effectively. The Magento 2 extension is helpful for the store owners to get access from the social media in the most effective manner. The Twitter & Facebook Login Extension...
  • Product Price Countdown

    Product Price Countdown

    emizentech | PHP | Free | Magento 2 | 73 views
    Store.emizentech.com is a famous online website that offers several upcoming extensions with very productive features. It is really useful for the store owners who want to set their countdown timer in an easier manner. The product price countdown is a product ...
  • Maian Music

    Maian Music

    maianmusic | PHP | Free | Last.fm | 62 views
    There are several online options available to sell the music, but the best one allows you to achieve it without any subscription. If you wish to know about the exclusive and unique resource, you can visit the maianmusic.com. It is an exclusive platform which...
  • All Music Script

    All Music Script

    last.fm | PHP | Free | Last.fm | 67 views
    Last.fm is one of the best and specially developed online website which give together your highly preferred music services as well as join up listening, sharing and watching in order to connect your favorite music world. Along with this, it also allows you to ...
  • Movie Database Portal Script

    Movie Database Portal Script

    NCrypted | PHP | Free | IMDB | 91 views
    IMDB is an excellent online Movie Database platform which offers several details regarding the television shows, production crew personnel, actors, movies, fictional characters and games really featured in the visual entertainment medium. For this reason, most...
  • Bux.to Clone

    Bux.to Clone

    clonesite | PHP | Free | Bux.to | 85 views
    Choosing buxto is useful for uploading the script to the Phpmyadmin client. Upload "buxtoSQL.sql" script files to the public html folder. It is easier for editing the config.php in the site information. Your default admin details will be admin as username and ...